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Electric Eyelash Curler

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Electrical outlet

Long-lasting curling: The electric eyelash curler adopts a one-button switch, you have to long press for 3 seconds to turn on. It takes 20 seconds to warm up and 60 seconds to quickly curl for 48 hours and lasting setting. It is very easy to create beautiful eyelashes. The heating pad can quickly separate the eyelashes, and at the same time radiate gentle heat evenly along the entire length of each eyelash.

Unique design: The eyelash curler head adopts an ergonomic arc design, and the outer concave-convex heating comb is safe and anti-scalding. It perfectly fits the eyelash curve, and the eyelashes are curled from the groove through the bumps to protect. It does not hurt your eyelids, maintains an elegant curling effect, and helps you create delicate eye makeup.

Easy to use: Before use: Use mascara and eyeliner together for the best effect. First, apply the mascara against the roots of the eyelashes repeatedly, then move to the roots of the eyelashes to curl upwards, repeat 3-4 times, and finally apply one more Layer of mascara for styling. Warm-up for more than 30 seconds before use for better results.

Safe material: The eyelash curler is made of nickel-chromium alloy, which has a faster heating speed and a wider heating area. The thermal protection groove lengthens the distance between the heating wire and the eyelid, which is safe and energy-saving. It protects each eyelash and brings you difficulties. Confident lifting and curling effect.

USB charging: The electric eyelash curler has a USB charging cycle function, which can save the cost of the battery (including the charging cable), pocket size, slim and light, easy to carry and use.

Color classification: black-English packaging
Whether electric: electric
Applicable parts: eyes
Charging voltage: 5V
Charging current: 350mA
Battery capacity: 350mAh
350mAh: 60-80C
Body material: ABS
Product size: 18*20*150mm

Package Content:
1*eyelash curler+1*USB cable+1*instruction