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New Style Electric Curling Roller Set

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Product Information:
Diameter of heat conductor: 31mm or more
Product category: curling iron
Power supply mode: plug-in
Heat conductor material: ceramic
Temperature control adjustment: 1 stage
Function: Perm
Color: picture color
Size: 10*10*20cm, power cord length 1.13M
Power: 70W
Voltage: 110-220V /50Hz-60Hz
Temperature: 160°C

Instructions for use:
1. After shampooing, wait for it to be moderately dry, comb the hair thoroughly, and add styling spray.
2. Turn on the power, insert the hair tube into the charging plate vertically, and wait for about 2 minutes. After the black temperature scale on the hair tube turns from black to red, the hair tube can be rolled into the hair.
3. Various hairstyles can be made according to personal preference.

Packing List:

Electric coil *12PCS

Accessories: packing box, manual, handbag, grab clip

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