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Single-sided Earphones

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Headset Bluetooth Handsfree

 May be relaxed when driving/working or walking. It's a perfect headset that helps keep your hands free if you work in the office or drive the car. 

 Brand new and high quality. 

 Voice commands. 

 Extended battery life. 

 High-quality sound and voice quality effect 

 Supports Bluetooth: Headset Profile, Handsfree Profile (DSP technology) 

 Support for playing Bluetooth stereo music 

 Bluetooth 4.1 version 

 Power source: Built-in rechargeable battery 

 Color: Black and Silver 


 1. Open the Bluetooth headset in red and blue lights flashing and the Bluetooth headset has entered match mode at this time 

 2. Open the mobile phone Bluetooth and search for Bluetooth devices 

 3. Find the Bluetooth headset in the mobile search list, click the match, and a voice message "connected" 

 Specifications: Transmission distance: 10 m 

 Talk time: = 3-5 hours 

 Standby time: = 100 hours 

 Support Stereo: Yes 

 Appropriate models: Compatible with all major brands Bluetooth mobile phone as handsfree use, can be used for online voice chat

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